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Why trail running? Answer is simple, because we love it. I love to be in nature, explore new places and trail running is one of the best ways how to connect exercises and enjoying of nature.

Taiwan forests and mountains fascinate me. Run or just walk there is so enjoyable and you can feel the freedom of free moving. In my opinion trails in Taiwan are not so easy, some are very runnable but many are very secret and overgrown in amazing areas. I love explore these trails, even sometimes feel very tired or even scare when I am very far from civilization, but this is right adventure for me.

How to be good trail runner?

If you ask me how to be good trail runner, I will answer I am good because I do what I love. For first have fun and enjoy time when you run, even sometimes will not be so pleasant. But if you ask me how to be fast trail runners, the answer is not direct.

Good on trails is that there are not flat, you have to run up, down, jump etc. Even walking up has much positive effect on your cardiorespiratory system, then running faster on flat. Of course, if you would like be faster on road, some interval or pacing training is very important, but for average trail runner quite boring, but don’t forget on it.

Your legs will like trail running, because you can be pretty sure, that sequence of your steps will not be same – shorter, up, jump, slower, faster, and this restrict muscles and tendons injuries from too much monotonous stress. Your gym is nature and it is up to you how you will use it. Run fast technical trails, walk or even climb up some steep hill, or just easy jog during nice day are good for your health and rising of condition or just having good time.

But sometimes is hot, or cold or raining!

Then try go run track or riverside and you will see that trail running is much enjoyable even during hot days or quite fun during wet raining days. Just choose right place where to run. I also used to wake up very early for my runs and exploring. One reason is that temperature is lower on beginning of run. Next purpose is safety when you go to long run to new area, because never know how long you will stay there, sometimes happened that I stood really all day in some deep forest or even return back during twilight. And I like morning runs when day begins, this time is just for you, before busy day. Run trail at the evening is nearly impossible, and never know how busy or tired you will be. Do not make excuses if you are just lazy!

Good condition and healthy is important!

Just run is not enough for be healthier, or even so much running can have negative effect on your healthy and condition. Listening of your body is beast trainer – do hard training is great stimulant for increasing sport ability, but without adequate relaxation and right nutrition can have even fatal effect on your organism – overtraining, muscles injuries, weakening immunity system, bad psychical condition, etc.

I don’t have training plan, which is probably not best approach, but I like my freedom with choice what I will run next days, which places I will explore, but most of time try listen my body. If I am tired, I just don’t go run, or just do some relax run in forest. Train based on your feelings.
Regeneration and antioxidants

Very important for your regeneration is good balanced food, not just accepting calories for burning, but receive enough proteins, carbohydrates and also fat from natural food with higher ratio of minerals and vitamins. It requires consume more fresh fruits and vegies, but even this may not be sufficient. Enhanced performance as in race or recovery from training is very stressful for your body and vital cells in your body are damaged by free radical. This negative effect can be reduced by antioxidant from fruit and vegetables, and endurance sportsman should consider consuming of antioxidant food supplements. I do use Over Drive from Nuskin, which has balanced amount of vitamins, after exercise.


Run race is very different from training; also race should not be taken as training. During the race your effort is close maxima and you have to plan how you will run parts of race. Everybody is different, but everybody needs enough warm up before race and not run so fast after start (adrenalin helps you feel better, but your energy will lost very quickly).

When I run race I really push, in my opinion race is race and no trip. I can still enjoy the trail, or even some road course, but do it with harder effort. I love speed on trail, but I also like walking uphill, because it is certain rest for body. I have more problems with pacing as during marathon, when you run with same speed. Also remember that You will never learn from victory, but from hard times.

Final word

Do what you like and enjoy every time in nature, alone or with friends. Feel your freedom when you run some trail, feel the scare when you are far from civilization or during worse weather, enjoy these moments. We hope see you on some trail with Taiwan Beast Runners.

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